Acknowledging the facility

The work performed at the Orion technological core must be acknowledge. This comprises sample preparation, image acquisition, cytometry, data analysis, etc. The acknowledgement is required in all publications, including articles, posters, and presentations.

Example of proper acknowledgement:
“We gratefully acknowledge the Orion technological core (IMACHEM-IBiSA) of Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology for their support, and especially [facility member name] for assisting us with slide scanner acquisition and [facility member name] for developing the image analysis scripts presented in this article.”

When a facility member has made a significant contribution beyond routine work, we kindly ask users to consider co-­authorship on resulting publications.

Acknowledgement versus co-authorship guidelines:

HistologyFast, routine sample preparation with standard protocols.
Optimization of existing protocols for specific samples.
Development of new sample preparation protocols.
MicroscopyTraining of users to acquire images themselves.
Simple acquisition of data.
Operational image acquisition with input and decisions dependant on expertise.
Design or re-design of experimental conditions.
Image AnalysisRecommendation of analysis softwares and tools.
Basic data analysis help and advice.
Constructive data analysis and interpretation.
Creation of complex custom image analysis tools.