Frequently Asked Questions

How to request training?

Follow this procedure.

Is training open to interns?

Yes, but only for internships with a minimum duration of 2 months.

How to book a session on a system?

Log into OpenIRIS website, find the system of your choice and click on . Remember that the use of any equipment on the facility follows the Orion technological core charter of use.

Is it possible to book a system one month in advance?

No, systems can only be booked 15 days in advance.

Is it possible to book a system overnight and/or on weekend?

Yes, and prices are reduced by 50% from 6 pm to to 8 am and on weekends.

Can I make a booking in my name for another user?

No, reservations must be personal to allow facility staff to better meet your needs and follow you throughout your project.

How to cancel a booked session?

Log into OpenIRIS website, find the corresponding session, click on it and on Cancel. If the cancellation is done less than 24 hours before the session, and the session is not taken by another user, the session is at 50%.

 If I finish my session earlier, what can I do?

Click on End Session on the Iris time counter, the remaining time is billed at 50%.

What should I do if I identify an issue on a system?

Please report it by connecting to OpenIRIS website, finding the corresponding system and clicking on .

How can I retrieve my data?

Ideally, data should be retrieved at the end of your session using an external hard disk or transfer/storage servers. Hard disks are also available on the platform.

How long are my data kept on the system?

Data are automatically deleted 15 days after acquisition.