General Informations

The access of the Orion technological pole and its resources is possible for members of the CIRB, but also for external users. The booking of the resources is mandatory to have access to the resources, and is possible, after registration, on the IRIS website.

We support our users through the entire process, from experimental design, through image acquisition to image analysis. Do not hesitate to contact us ( if you want to discuss about the best system for your project, the most adapted fluorophores, the best image analysis strategy… 

In case of technical difficulties during one of your experiment, do not hesitate to call the imaging facility hotline :

The call is automatically transferred to the cellphone of one of the engineer of the facility and you will receive support to resolve it, when it is possible.

- Charter of use-

The access and use of the technological pole is governed by rules defined in the Orion Charter of use (PDF).

It contains the overall rules in terms of registration, use and behaviour on the imaging facility. We strongly recommend you to carefully read it.