Training procedure

To access the equipment available at the Orion technological core, every new user is asked to follow
the 4-step training procedure below:


Complete the training request form

The form must be completed in detail.

Please fill out the form for one project only.
If you have multiple projects in progress, please prioritize your requests. 
For future projects, please fill out the form only once the project has begun.


Discuss with the facility staff

We will contact you by email and schedule an appointment to discuss your project and your needs.


Request training

After the discussion, you will need to request training on the system we agreed upon:

1. Register to OpenIRIS

  • Go to the OpenIRIS website et register with your institutional email
  • Select the Join a group option and choose the team that suits you

2. Request training on the system

  • Go to Scheduler section and Timeline tab
  • Select the College de France organization to view all systems available on the facility
  • Find the system on which you want to be trained in the list
  • Click on the  icon to request training

Discover our online training resources or get trained

The facility developed e-training courses to provide you with theoretical background and to help you get your hands on various systems. Facility staff will provide you with more details if needed.