Implementation of training to access the equipment of histology platform

The equipment of the histology platform will be accessible through a mandatory training by the platform’s staff.

Concerning the training, the equipment concerned is :

– The NX 70 cryostat
– The freezing microtome
– The paraffin microtome
– The vibration microtome
– The dehydration machine – Citadelle
– The paraffin embedding station
– The Leica laser micro-dissector

Staining also requires training and the reservation of the chemical hood. The access to the chemical hood remains free for punctual needs.

The procedure for requesting training on Iris ( ) is identical to that for microscopy. As a reminder, you can connect to our website for more information. Following your request for training, a meeting will be organized to discuss your project and a training session will take place within two weeks after the request.