Replacement of SP5 inverted microscope

After many years of due service, the SP5 inverted microscope will be remove from the imaging facility. We are really glad to replace it by a much more recent confocal microscope : the LSM 800 from Zeiss.

The new microscope will be equipped with the usual objective configurations (10x, 25x, 40x, 60x), the laser combination able to perform imaging of routine fluorescent protein and sensitive detectors (PMT and GaAsp). The software to control it will be ZEN, the same than the one many of you are already using on the LSM980

Its installation will occur by the 22nd of February, and its access, restricted by a training done by facility member, will occur by the end of the month of February.

What about the old SP5 inverted ? We will keep some important parts as spare for further maintenance on the SP5 upright, but the biggest part will most probably be sent to colleagues and be used for teaching at university.